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Kate has extensive experience working with both couples and individuals who are experiencing relationship difficulties.

Her three areas of expertise are:

Relationship Counselling

Counselling can help couples and individuals to improve their relationships.

It is open and relevant to anyone with concerns about their relationships – married, single, living together, in a same sex relationship, separated, separating, divorced.


Counselling can assist you to:

  • develop the skills and strategies needed to improve your relationship
  • understand the choices you make in relationships
  • recover from an affair
  • adjust to changes such as the birth of a child, retirement, loss of work or illness
  • manage step-family issues
  • make positive changes to communication
  • heal from the loss of a relationship

These are just some of the reasons people seek relationship counselling.

Most couples or individuals will need between 6 and 12 sessions to see changes in their relationship - some need more some less - this is largely dependant on what has brought you to counselling.

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  Counselling can assist you to make positive changes to communication

Family Mediation

When a couple separate, decisions need to made about future arrangements for the children.

Parents may find themselves in conflict over issues regarding the future arrangements for their children. Traditionally these matters have been settled through the legal system.

Family mediation, or family dispute resolution as it is also called, offers an alternative and assists separated or separating parents to create workable parenting arrangements for their children.

Through individual and joint sessions, parents are helped to establish their new working relationship as co-parents. The mediator acts as an impartial third party, keeping the discussion focused and helping to clarify the issues.

As a family mediator, Kate has experience in assisting parents to create a parenting agreement that reflects the specific needs of each individual child.

She has undertaken specialist training in child focused and child inclusive mediation.

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  Parents are helped to establish their new working relationship as co-parents

Co-Parenting Coaching

Parents often find the emotions and conflict from their shared history continue to be a strong presence long after they have separated.

In order to minimise the potential negative effects of separation on children parents need to work together to manage conflict in their co-parenting relationship.

Through co-parenting coaching, assistance is given to allow a healthy, new working relationship to be established and maintained.

This occurs through both joint and individual sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

This service is appropriate for both newly separated parents and those who have been separated for a period of time, and continue to experience unresolved conflict.

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  Assistance is given to allow a healthy, new working relationship
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